symbolic logo

The Pouilly wine growers gave their appellation a new, highly-symbolic logo in 1994:

three interlocking vine leaves, each one conjuring up respectively:

    1 - The vineyard and cultivation methods
    2 - The land
    3 - The culmination of the wine grower's efforts - Pouilly Fumé.

The left-hand leaf, with its parallel horizontal lines, represents the clearly-defined parcels and straight rows of trellised vines, looked after as meticulously as a French-style garden.

The centre leaf evokes the Pouilly Fumé land: sinuous curves suggesting the topography and the eminently feminine landscape of the Pouilly vineyards, not forgetting the Loire, that majestic river, always present in Pouilly, shown here in blue.

The right-hand leaf symbolises Pouilly Fumé itself: the green and white colouring reminds us that it is a white wine, aromatic, fruity, fresh and elegant. The image (bunch of grapes) conjures up the vinification process and "Blanc Fumé" grape.