Les traditions

Saint Vincent Saint Vincent

Since The Middle-Ages, the wine-producers have attributed themselves a Patron Saint and protector : Saint Vincent. A symbolic choice, " vin-cent " can be inferred as " vin-sang " (wine-blood) and evokes memories of the sacrifice where the blood of Christ was transformed into wine.

Originally The " Confréries de Saint-Vincent " were mainly cooperative societies and today still there is a very strong link of solidarity between all of their members.

Every 22nd of January, the wine-producers of Pouilly would not miss for anything in the world the opportunity to celebrate Saint-Vincent for his protection of their families, their vines and their wines.

Around the VINEYARD of POUILLY-SUR-LOIRE, each of the three principal communities of the controlled appelation ( POUILLY, SAINT-ANDELAIN and TRACY) has its own " Confrérie de Saint-Vincent " ..

Saint Vincent