The Chasselas grape for the Pouilly-sur-Loire appellation and Sauvignon or "blanc fumé" grape for Pouilly-Fumé are two white grapes that each produce a dry wine. They undergo an identical vinification process.

The description of the vinification process at Pouilly-sur-Loire given below is deliberately very general on the methods employed. Each wine producer uses these techniques (or more rarely others) according to his own "finesse shot" i.e. according to the vintage, the land, his expectations for the wine and his experience, even intuition. He will not hesitate to adapt their vinification method. This is very important and explains, with obviously and most importantly the notion of different lands, why our Pouilly wines can vary from one cellar to another . This diversity is very much a strength, especially in a world becoming standardised!

HARVESTING PERIOD : end of September - end October

1st Day 3rd Day 15 days - 3 weeks
Harvests arrive Pressing Racking must Alcoholic fermentation
1st day 1st day 3rd day 15 days - 3 weeks

January March April( and throughout the year )
Racking Filtration Bottling Labelling
January March April and all year round April and all year round