Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Intellectual property –  Respect of author’s rights:

According to articles L.111.1 and the French intellectual property code, the Syndicat Viticole de l’Aire AOC de Pouilly is the creator of this website. Pictures, texts, slogans, drawings, images, animated sequences with and without audio, all works on this website, are the property of the Syndicat Viticole de l’Aire AOC de Pouilly or third parties having allowed the Syndicat Viticole de l’Aire AOC de Pouilly to use them.

Physical or digital reproductions of this website or works are allowed insofar as their use is strictly private and in accordance with article L122-5 of the French intellectual property code. Advertising and/or commercial and/or informational use are strictly prohibited.

Unless they follow the aforementioned dispositions, total or partial reproduction, representation, use or modification by any means and any medium of this website or different works included in this website without authorization of the Syndicat Viticole de l’Aire AOC de Pouilly are strictly forbidden and constitute an infringement of copyright laws. 

All of this site falls under French and International legislation on the author’s rights and intellectual property. The access to our site confers you to a private usage right and is not exclusive to this site. All of the elements edited on this site, notably including the texts, photographs, infographs, logos and brands constitute works in the sense of the Intellectual Property code. As a consequence all representation or reproduction, complete or incomplete, which could be made without the consentment of their authors or their beneficiary, is illegal. 

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