Domaine Michel Girault

Olivier, or « Pouilly first and foremost”, is the older brother.  After studying at the wine school in Beaune, in Burgundy, and then in the Jura in eastern France with his classmate Alexis*, he returned to the domaine.  Friendship is his constant.  He learned the saxophone to join the band; he plays soccer to be on the team; and took up motocross to be with his friends.

Anthony is the younger. He came to the domaine in 2007, and learned on the job. For him, working the vines is firstly pruning, which is the means to determine the future. And he’s the one that does the vinification. Guinness, she’s his border collie, they are bonded together like two old friends. But what has struck him the most are two signs of the hand of destiny: his daughter Zélie, born on Saint Vincent’s day, January 22nd, the patron saint of vintners who is faithfully celebrated in Pouilly; and his daughter Fanette, born like a Christmas star on a freezing night in 2017, while he was lighting anti-frost candles among the vines to save the harvest.  

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