Château Favray 

It’s the 1980s. The Fumé grape, as it’s called locally, and known to the world as sauvignon blanc, settles in and spreads out over the Saint Andelain hill overlooking the Nohain river as it flows towards the Loire. Thanks to Quentin David, the father, Pouilly treats itself and adds Château Favray - a new vineyard, and a new winemaker.
In 2017, Augustin launches at a gallop, clearing obstacles at the same rate as his stable of young mares. A group facilitator, a philosophy buff, this agricultural engineer can enunciate, from personal experience, the theory on how to take a step back in life. Sophie does leatherwork, she puts halters and reins on horses. Together they marry the art of wine, pottery, and the crafting of fine leather goods. What luxury!

Saint Martin sur Nohain
58150 Saint-Andelain

tel. +33 (0)3 86 26 19 05

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