Domaine Roger Pabiot et Fils

Bernard Pabiot, cast in the mold in Beaune, in Mâcon and in Bordeaux, takes his father as a role model, as does his brother Gérard. Thanks to the stubbornness of the two brothers the domaine went from 9 to 22 hectares (22 to 54 acres). Here they still remember the barrels crafted by the father upon his return from deportation to Germany during World War II, to start all over again from scratch. As these USON Nevers rugby supporters would put it, he scored a try, and then converted … he built on his success!

Pauline Pabiot took cosmopolitan Switzerland, motherland of the Chasselas grape, as her model. Yet this enthusiastic young woman, with love and passion, chose her grandfather’s and father’s family domaine as the place to exercise her art. Her “De la terre aux étoiles” or “From the Earth to the Stars” cuvée pays them homage. Filial devotion and gratitude. Pauline loves her family; she has a need to be as close as possible to others. As she stands together with women and children, she expresses solidarity every day without seeking any recognition.  But sometimes you have to relax.  So, she goes running, like an athlete …

13, route de Pouilly
58150 Tracy sur Loire

tel. +33 (0)3 86 26 18 41

Wines — Pouilly Fumé, Pouilly-sur-Loire

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