Gitton Père et Fils

Pascal Gitton is the unique case of a vintner-ethnologist, a trailblazer of new markets thanks to his appetite for foreign languages. He has Bulgaria, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Japan, Russia and Spain on his scoreboard, while also pursuing the traditional markets. He is likewise the lone case of a winemaker who, like Leonardo da Vinci, can write with his left or right hand, and both forwards and backwards! Useful for reading Arabic … He became acquainted with his father-in-law before he met his Australian wife, in Vanuatu. However, his maternal grandmother’s grocery store is not nearly so far away - it keeps him rooted. And it is Chanel, half Australian and half from Cosnes-Cours-sur-Loire, who sends those roots deeper.  

Chanel is 25 years old, she studied at Sorbonne University in Paris. Vines and wine are the only future she has in mind, to which she is fully committed. Believing in a language of truth, she studied foreign languages and international business, and her winemaking techniques were learned on the job. But she wants to earn credentials in this specialty as well! This charming dancer performs a pas de deux with her partner, and she is just a few steps away from achieving stardom!

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