Bardin Richard

Isabelle Bardin isn’t the type the type to show off! She is above all pragmatic. For forty years she has been covering 20,000 kilometers (over 12,000 miles) in six weeks for client meetings … And that’s not counting the other thousands clocked during the rest of the year. She enjoys it! She started the business in 1979 with barely 37.23 ares (less than an acre), and acquired 4 hectares (almost 10 acres) in Pouilly over the years that followed. Eighty percent of production, which is in care of her son and daughter, is effortlessly sold in bulk: the trade-off for quality and loyalty. To round things out, she has gone into the collaborative economy: another way of exploring, making contacts, making friends …

Les Chevillots
18300 Saint-Satur

tel. +33 (0)2 48 54 17 06

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