Domaine Jonathan Didier Pabiot

The Didier Pabiots, they’ve got guts! Jonathan, who sports a model’s looks in winemaker’s clothes, embarked upon organic methods right out of school, by conviction and for ethical reasons. He converted his father, who then transitioned the whole vineyard to organic. For the father, this was just going back to his roots. In 2016, he obtained Demeter biodynamic certification. Even though Nina, originally from Hamburg, could still open up export markets, they decided to concentrate on the more demanding domestic market. Risk is a stimulant for these nuts for motorbikes, enduro and motocross, who inculcate organic principles and motorbiking into their children when they reach the age of reason. Seven years old for the Pabiots, as among the Spartans of Ancient Greece!

1 rue saint Vincent
Les Loges
58150 Pouilly sur loire

tel. +33 (0)3 86 39 01 32

Wines — Pouilly Fumé, Pouilly-sur-Loire

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Spoken languages: Anglais, Allemand