Domaine de Bel Air

The president of the syndicate who undertakes her duties with modesty and humility has not displaced the winemaker devoted to the farm handed down to her and her brother by their parents. This is surely what has earned her the respect in which her work is held.

“A president valued by her winemaking peers
She’s been the crown jewel of the syndicate for years.
They thought she was of a theoretical bent,
But this small woman for practical work was meant.
Outside in the fields, to agronomy she thrills
On the job this engineer reveals all her skills.
Her precise disquisitions bring eloquence to
The soil-imparted knowledge of its stewards true.”

Cédric Mauroy, her brother, is a happy vintner. His life is divided into three parts. The best: his work in the vines and the cellar; playing tennis with his team to win; and travel, which he schedules yearly to go discover the world. He knows the continents as well as the buds of his smallest vines! And when he wants to stir others’ dreams, he is to be found onstage, inhabiting another, to the surprise of all who know him!

She has everything of a Russian princess: the name, the bearing, and the grace. She also inherited her mother’s determination. The exceptional Pouilly vineyards mean that excellence is her only option. Just as when she swam competitively, aiming for medals. When she’s not in Pouilly, she’s traveling. She goes everywhere there is something to learn. 

6, rue Waldeck Rousseau
58150 Pouilly sur Loire

tel. +33 (0)3 86 39 02 73

Wines — Pouilly Fumé, Pouilly-sur-Loire

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