Domaine des Tayaux

Without Martine Blanchet, Jean-Marc’s wife and Romain’s mother, the Pastous would not be imbued with their Pouilly heritage. With her, they go to the very roots of the vineyard. They own precious land in Saint Andelain above the Loire, like a bond between Sancerre and Pouilly. A jewel case. Jean-Marc, proud farmer that he is, continues to raise the family’s cereal crops. These let him go on vacation! That’s where he can feel relaxed … says he. Romain, a shy winemaker, prefers to go for walks with his dog. It is as a free man, after having banished weedkillers, that he quietly undertakes his lutte raisonnée or reasoned struggle for the quality of the vineyard: he fights to drive down external inputs.

Maison Sallé
183000 Sury en Vaux

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