Domaine Chabanne

Hugo has been serendipitously touched by two talismanic years: his birth in 1998 and his arrival at the domaine in 2018, when they brought in an exceptional harvest as he turned twenty. These were two triumphant World Cup-winning years for the French national soccer team. When he’s in the vines, he works to music. He needs it. Sometimes “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions” come through his headphones: these could have been his anthems if he had been a soccer fan … Then he remembers he was born under the sign of the soccer ball. For sure, destiny is nodding at him! 

Yves never thought that the mathematics he enjoys would one day help him in his work as a vintner. And then, the Pythagorean theorem seemed such an obvious tool ... in order to plant two triangular plots of vines. Useful when bringing under cultivation the several hectares that came from the grandfather! But no complicated calculations were necessary to choose his powerful 1300 cc motorbike! Only his passion and his sense of humor. 

1, route de l'Abbaye
58150 Saint-Andelain

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