Domaine de Riaux

When this youthful man is seen on his tractor, often in shorts, sometimes in fatigues, one glimpses the silhouette of the soldier he could have been. But Alexis is first and foremost a Jeannot. He learned to prune vines very young, pursued the classic career track and found his vocation at the wine school in Beaune, in Burgundy. Confirmation came from his wife, also a product of the local terroir. In Pouilly, on the banks of the Loire, the family’s gaze follows the relaxing flow of the river where they were born. 

Bertrand has twenty-four years of public life, forty years of wine syndicate life and nearly sixty years of agricultural life under his belt. This wry, kindly, wise man and storyteller is a rock, a benchmark, and an authority. As this trusted representative carried out work on behalf of the wine appellation, he acquired listening skills and understanding. He enjoys the respect of his peers. An expert and resilient winemaker, a public figure at the service of viticulture, Bernard is a man of duty.

Domaine de Riaux
58150 Saint-Andelain

tel. +33 (0)3 86 39 11 37

Wines — Pouilly Fumé, Pouilly-sur-Loire

Visitor reception

Dégustation, vente, visite de cave

Spoken languages: Anglais